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4 Home Upgrades That Can Give The Highest Returns

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Blog by Antonio Vargas | January 31st, 2017

Deciding to renovate, remodel or make improvements to your home is always an excellent idea as this almost always increases your quality of life and enjoyment in the home as well as the home’s overall value. If you need to decide on only a few home upgrades due to your budget, according to realtor Antonio Vargas, the following are the best upgrades that will yield the highest returns when deciding to sell.

1)  Kitchen Renovation.

Many people know that the look, style and condition of a home’s kitchen can either make or break a sale. With this in mind, remodeling your kitchen (although pricey) can pay off in a huge way as it can easily fetch anywhere from 50 to a whopping 120% of the investment on your Vancouver property sale!

2) Adding a Bathroom.

Does your home only have one bathroom? If so, you should strongly consider adding a second one as this home upgrade is another investment that could see you recouping anywhere between 80% to 120% of your investment. If you are unsure whether this would be a good idea, speak to your realtor in South Surrey and they will confirm!

3) Installing Energy-efficient Windows.

A question buyers often ask Vargas Real Estate these days is how energy efficient a home is. If your home has energy-efficient windows, great savings can be made on the heating and cooling bill. If you are planning to stay in your home for a while before selling, you can easily make a return on investment within a few years with the saving on your heating and cooling bill!

4) Simple Upgrades.

You would be surprised to hear that the most simple and inexpensive upgrades can make the most difference to your home. For example, repairing minor leaks, eliminating mold, touching up on paint jobs and ensuring that you have great curb appeal will ensure that buyers have a good first impression when viewing your home.