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The Benefits of Viewing Properties in Person with a Realtor.

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Blog by Antonio Vargas | March 2nd, 2017

Brought to you by Antonio Vargas Real Estate your local White Rock Realtor.

In these tough economic times it can be tempting to “cut out the middle man” and do things yourself in order to save a buck or two. When it comes to buying a home, many people feel that it is not worth paying a realtor in Canada the commission they require. But is this really a good idea?

Well, says Vargas Real Estate, unless you have vast experience in buying and selling real estate and you have a lot (and we mean, a lot!) of time on your hands to make sourcing your perfect property your full-time job, then you probably don’t need the assistance of a realtor. In any other circumstance, it would make your life so much easier to use a real estate agent such as, Antonio Vargas realtor.

Your realtor’s job is to buy and sell real estate so as long as you give them your specifications (e.g. a swimming pool, no basement and 3 bathrooms), they will make it their mission to find you exactly what you want. They will then make appointments, at times convenient to both you and the sellers, for you to personally view the properties. Any questions you have about the property, your realtor will be able to answer objectively.

Because your realtor is bound by a code of ethics, they always have your best interests at heart and will always disclose any problems or potential problems with the property you are considering buying. These are aspects that you, as a layman, may not pick up on your own without the assistance of a real estate agent.

Your realtor is also there to guide you through the administrative side of the purchasing and closing process. Especially if you are a first-time buyer, this can be a confusing and often tricky time. With your loyal realtor by your side, it is that much easier!