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Why 2017 Is The Best Year To Buy A Home.

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Blog by Antonio Vargas | February 5th, 2017

Itching to get out of the rental market and to finally take the plunge and own a home of your own? Here at Vargas Real Estate, our professional opinion, along with that of several other seasoned property experts, is that 2017 is the best year in which to buy a home in Canada. Here’s why!

Low interest rates and a growing economy are very favorable conditions in which to purchase property. The Bank of Canada expects the country’s economy to grow by a pleasing 2.5% this year which is up from 1.5% from last year. However, watch this space as even better news is expected when the Bank of Canada announces the updated stats on March 9!

British Colombia is currently a hot property market and is set to get even hotter as the year progresses! In 2016, for example, homes in Vancouver hit record sales and prices so British Colombia is definitely the place to live!

History has proven over and over again that Canadian property has performed spectacularly well in terms of an investment. Locations such as Toronto and Vancouver are obvious stars but never underestimate other BC performers that are also our unsung heroes.

If that’s not enough, consider that spring is almost upon us and we all know that spring is typically real estate’s busy season! The reason for this is that the pleasant weather, longer days and happier people tend to generate more of a buzz in the property market. Also, it is the ideal time for developers to begin building new projects. Therefore, if you have been delaying the buying process for whatever reason, don’t delay any longer!

So, will 2017 be the year that you buy your new home? If so, why not contact us here at Vargas Real Estate as we would be honored to assist you!