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World of Online Real Estate Marketing

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Blog by Antonio Vargas | August 18th, 2016

I recall when I first entered the sales field long ago, everything was word of mouth and local. Now, I stand here in a new world with more knowledge of social media, technology, videography, and photography than I ever imagined. Online networking has transformed the home buying and selling process. Today I can market homes to people around the world, while providing homebuyers with the highest quality virtual tours of properties in throughout Mexico and in White Rock, Langley, Vancouver, and other areas of Canada, regardless of where they live. 

In fact, today more marketing and sales are made online than in person, since people are becoming less social offline and more social online. Facebook has over 100 million users who check in daily, many of these are our potential homebuyers and sellers. LinkedIn, which started small, now has taken real estate to the next level and allows targeted marketing to specific client demographics. Instantly, I can use LinkedIn to send out all the information about your property to sale to millions of highly qualified people, who are seeking to purchase real estate. If your agent is not searching for properties or marketing your home on Flickr, TwitPic, YouTube, Twitter, FriendFeed, WelcomeMat, LinkedIn or other online sites, they you may be loosing time and money.  

Over 85% of real estate transactions today begin online. People looking to invest, buy, or sell real estate are flocking to the Internet. Tech-savvy realtors, such as me, have turned SEO optimization, social networking, Adsense marketing, and online inbound marketing to a science. Remember, if a buyer can find your property online, they may well choose a different house. Call me now to see how we can improve the visibility of your property for sale or find your next home. I am available anytime at 778-688-7011. Remember I, Antonio Vargas, am here to help you with real estate day or night.